General Terms 

§ 1 General

The Company CRS GmbH, carries out the work assigned to it as a contractor within the meaning of Section 631 of the BGB exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Payment. By placing the order with CRS the customer shall be deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions and they shall be valid for the duration of the entire business relationship.

Any term or condition not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions must be expressly agreed to in writing by the parties failing which these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Payment shall prevail.

Should any individual term or condition of these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Payment be invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions. In the event of the inapplicability of any individual terms the parties to this agreement undertake to act according to what was originally intended between them.

§ 2 The Coming Into Effect of the Contract ; Payment

The factory-contract manages according to order only through explicit confirmation on the part of CRS or by carrying out of the transmitted services on the part of CRS state. In each case the specific payment agreed upon shall be applicable. In the event of the absence in any case of specific agreement then the most recent terms agreed between the parties shall apply. In all other cases the usual payment for work carried out by CRS shall apply.

§ 3 Delivery delays

CRS undertakes to carry out the work assigned to it in accordance with the time limits contractually agreed to. However this shall not apply and CRS shall not be liable for any delays caused by circumstances outside the normal business control of CRS or caused by acts of God.

§ 4 Charging; Payment; Delays in Payment

CRS charges the customer for payment in accordance with what has been contractually agreed to, and unless otherwise agreed, the Customer receives an account in which the materials used, the application of tools and machinery, as well as the usual hourly costs and expenses for work undertaken by CRS personnel are charged. The customer have to inform the CRS GmbH about all necessary data for the invoicing (Purchase order no., VAT no., and so on) within 48 hours, with the intention to guarantee a proper invoicing. If the required data were not submitted, give the customer the consent, to accept the invoicing without the note in the invoice to the purchase order no. VAT no. and so on.

Payments are to be made without deductions within 10 days of invoicing. After the first Reminder the customer is deemed to be in default, and this means that the customer is then liable to pay default interest. Should CRS have been forced according to the 3rd reminder to turn on an attorney, all resulting costs were invoiced.

§ 5 intermediate bills

CRS has the right to raise interim bills for parts of work which are in themselves completed, and for agreed work, as well as for agreed time periods of approximately one week.

§ 6 Guarantee

Any possible claims under the guarantee by the customer are to be brought immediately they become apparent. Such claims shall be limited to the right of rectification or the delivery of replacements. Should rectification or the delivery of replacements be insufficient the customer shall be left with the right to a reduction of the price paid or a rescission of the agreement.

§ 7 Liability

CRS is not liable for damage arising out of the work it has undertaken in terms of the contract of manufacture unless gross negligence or intentional breach of contracts is proven.

§ 8 Set-Off

The customer shall have no right to set off any disputed amounts, or other claims unconfirmed by an order of a competent court, against any contractual claim for payment made by CRS.

§ 9 Default and the Right to Suspend Work

If the order is in delay with payments, CRS stops further works and restrain the services transmitted it for so long, to full volume achieved payment on the part of the order is. 

§ 10 Public Liability Insurance

Public liability claims arising out of our output are covered by insurance: in an amount of Euro 5 million per personal injury and in an amount of Euro 100.000 for damage to property. Further claims by the customer shall not be considered.

§ 11 German Law ; Jurisdiction

The court having jurisdiction is agreed in law to be the local court for the area Michelstadt or the regional court in Darmstadt in so far as the Customer is a registered trader, a legal entity in public law, or a special trust or fund in public law. The legal contractual relationships arising out of this contract shall be governed exclusively by German Law.  The parties agree specially, that the correspondence will be in German, also in a conflict.